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ASM Security Ltd.

Our company started its operation in the Hungarian safety market with the AIM of to serve the most up-to-date technology for your safety.

Our highly qualifi ed team has been striving for customer oriented developments. As a result, we started manufacture our own developed emergency Clever Light System. Now we have a wide range of new generation luminaires and full range of services. These are also available through our large number of contracted partners, from design, construction, and installation to maintenance.

All our lights equipped with LED. All of them are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Many types of our luminaires were designed mainly for buildings with High Aesthetic Requirements and we can provide you luminaires with high ingress protection for outside use or for use in industrial environment as well. Lights can be installed variably onto or concealable into the ceiling or sidewall. Clever Light systems are available with self-contained battery or central battery (230V) depends on the requirements and needs. Lights Can Be Programmed via Clever Light Control Panels.

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Clever Light Emergency Lighting Systems are developed locally with the help of our highly qualified engineer team according to the customers’ needs. We produce the luminaires in our own 1700 m2 production hall. Lamp panels are manufactured by automatic surface mounting technology, which eliminates the possibility of human error. The manufacturing machines are capable of transmitting 70,000 chips per hour, and produce 2100 PCBs for intelligent central battery systems in 8 hours. The final assembly of the lamps is done by manually. The panels are programmed during the assembly, and then checked according to strict quality requirements.


Since 2012, we have been continuously participating in major international exhibitions with our own developed and manufactured products.

  1. Company Foundation
  2. design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of various security systems
  3. We have introduced the conventional self-contained emergency and exit lights to the market.
  4. We have commissioned our first addressable system
  5. we participate at the annual Intersec Dubai exhibition
  6. IFSEC LONDON exhibition
  7. HK Lighting Fair exhibition
  8. Market launch of the new central battery system and dynamic exit sign
  9. The development of the 24 V CB system has been completed
  10. We introduced the 24V CB system with UL certification
  11. Ongoing developments: New dynamic exit sign, 24V conventional light system, wireless system.