Clever Light Control Panel for CB system



Our brand new main unit controls the operation of the luminaires in CB system. We can deliver it in two versions, according to UL or DIN standards. It works from AC and DC as well, 120-240V, attachable to any UPS, not only ASM's central battery. It can handle max. 594 addressed devices, or as per DIN standard, 18x20 pcs, the joined load is max. 12 KW/ unit. With the help of its 7" display, we can set easily the device.



Number of devices 99/198/297/396/495/594 pcs. of devices (99 devices per line)
Voltage Range 120-240V AC-DC 50-60 Hz, 2000W/line
Communication 120-240V AC line communications (ASM bus), UDP, MODBUS, FIREALARM (option)
Network RS485
Luminaire control The luinaires can be controlled individually
Web server function Status and event display on the website
Store events 2000 events/control panel
Gateway management 64 panels/system
Software Graphic software
Menu Multi language menu, touch monitor
Display 7"
Output 4 relay output
Ingress protection IP20