CL-014 /slave/MB


Our four-sided exit light is applicable for ceilings or to suspend in areas with great internal height. Suitable for airports and shopping malls as well, due to its perfect visibility distance (46 m). Since we can deliver it with unique pictograms, it is suitable not only for showing the exit, but also for marking a meeting point, or showing other information.


Luminaire Addressable
Mounting Hanging
Lamp LED/ 50 000h
Lamp power 3W
Visibility 46 meters
Warranty 2 years repair warranty
Standby duration 1-3h
Housing Polycarbonate
Color of housing White
Operation Standby/Permanent
Mains supply 120-240 V  50-60 Hz
Input current 30mA
Battery Ni-Mh
Protection category IP44