CL-414C /slave/MB


Our double sided LED exit sign is the updated version of the CL-515 light, and already very
popular among our customers. It was designed mainly for buildings with high aesthetic requirements (hotels, business centers), furthermore, its practical construction makes it easy to mount to suspended ceilings. It has no disturbing visual appearance, only a thin
line can be seen from the light body.


Luminaire Addressable
Mounting Recessed
Lamp LED/ 50 000h
Lamp power 1W
Warranty 2 years repair warranty
Standby duration 1-3h
Housing Polycarbonate
Color of housing White
Operation Standby/Permanent
Mains supply 120-240 V  50-60 Hz
Input current 30mA
Battery Ni-Mh
Protection category IP42
Certification UL