ASM-APS140276 Power Supply

The APS140276 4A Power Supply Units can be used for any fire alarm system which specifies EN54-4 power supply equipment.

Suited for almost any application, the power supply unit/ battery charger has been developed using the latest surface mount technology to provide a high efficiency switch mode power supply.

The power supply units are available in fully enclosed construction providing power and fault indication, or alternatively in caged versions for mounting into existing enclosures of various sizes to suit different battery capacities.


Product features:

  • High efficiency switched mode power supply
  • 110W single output, 230VAC input only
  • Approved EN54-4
  • Power on indication
  • Metal case
  • Protections: overload protection/ short circuit protection/ over voltage protection/ battery reverse charge protection
  • 100% full load burn in test
  • Warranty- 2 year from the production date




All Power Supply Units are approved with the requirements of BS EN54-4 1998, EN55022 class B emission limits & EN60950: 2000 safety standards.

Input supply:

195-253 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz, 1,5A

Current consumption:

0,5A @ 230 VAC max.

Supply power:

110W max.



Output voltage:

Max. 30VDC, min. 24VDC

Charger voltage:

27,6 VDC

Output fuse:

6,3A for battery charging

Overload protection:

150% of the rated output power

Operating temperature:

0°C to + 40°C

Storage temperature:

-20°C to + 70°C

Operating humidity:

5%-90% RH, non-condensing


Indoor, dry


200kHrs at 25°C

Withstand voltage:

I/P-O/P:3kVAC, 1min

I/P-FG: 1,5kVAC, 1min

O/P-FG: 0,5kVAC, 1min

Attachable battery:

2 pcs 7Ah 12V (not included)

Box size for installation  (L  x W x H):

280mm x 290mm x 76mm min. (not included)


0,9kg/ pcs

Size (L x W x H)

200mm x 110mm x 50 mm