ASM-24 Fire Alarm Sounder

General purpose electronic sounder for fire, security and industrial applications, the ASM-24 Sounder is certified to EN54-3.

It has recognisable body, wide operating voltage and a high reputation for quality. Available in either red or white color, designed for indoor application.

The ASM-24 sounder is designed for applications requiring maximum sound output, and offers one of the best sound output to cost of any sounder currently on the market.


Part numbers for order

ASM-24R (red color)

ASM-24W (white color)

Max. output (1meter/24VDC) 100dB
Max. input current (24VDC) 40mA
Power consumption (24VDC) 0,96W
Voltage range 20-30V
Operating Frequency 800Hz-1500Hz
IP rating IP33
Temperature Range -20°C to + 50°C
Weight (per unit packaged) 180g
Volume Control -28dB
Number of tones 3